Sue Hardy: Celebrant since 1994


Personalised Funerals

We have helped many people farewell and celebrate their loved one’s life in chapels, homes, under favourite trees and in special places.

funeralThe concept of life-centred personal funerals comes from the desire many people have to recognise and pay tribute to the deceased. There is no set format, rather every service is different and developed to reflect the family’s intentions and wishes.

You can be certain that the funeral service will be properly prepared and delivered with care and sensitivity.

Religious & Spiritual Content

Having a Civil Celebrant conduct the service means that you can have any acknowledgement of the personal beliefs of the deceased or yourself.

Whenever readings or prayers are requested they can be led either by Sue or a person of your choosing. A common choice is the Lord’s Prayer.

The lighting of a candle, singing hymns and songs are all tangible ways of saying farewell.

During each ceremony we pause for reflection and at this time those who wish, are invited to pray and others to reflect on how they have been touched by knowing the deceased.

RSL & Other Organisations

funeral2As your Civil Celebrant, Sue will ensure that all  tributes from organisations and clubs are included and full recognition is made to service given.

Sue will liase with the club to include appropriate recognition during the ceremony.

Planning Your Ceremony

Contact Sue Hardy to arrange a meeting with family members to plan the ceremony. This is usually at the home of a family member or at any  place you find more suitable.

The length of time for the interview is variable as Sue will make sure that she covers all aspects of  your loved ones life and can create a  ceremony that truly reflects who they were.

To assist Sue in the interview please have the following:

  • A list of the names of family members and how they are related. eg., sister, grandchild.
  • A list of key dates eg: wedding.
  • The names of people who may wish to read or participate in the service.
  • The name of a contact for organisations.
  • Copies of any readings you may have found and want included. (Many are on the internet)
  • Also is there any favourite music you wish to have played?