Sue Hardy: Celebrant since 1994

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get a Marriage Licence?

In Australia you don’t need a marriage licence, health or blood test to marry. You simply complete the Notice of Intended Marriage     and have your signatures witnessed by a qualified person as listed on the form, send it to us and then you can marry after a one month cooling off period has passed.

What documents do I need?

Your birth certificate and an official English translation if it is in a foreign language.
An overseas passport, if you were not born in Australia, may suffice
Evidence that any pervious marriage has ended eg: Decree Absolute or Death Certificate.
Can we write our own vows?

We encourage you to write your own vows or to use one of ours. You can even mix and match them to create you own. When you book with us we will give you a wide range to select from.

To Have or Not To Have Religion?

As it is your wedding the choice is entirely yours. Many couples chose to have no reference to religion in their wedding whilst others select a Bible reading or a Marriage Blessing. We also conducted ceremonies in conjunction with Religious Ministers. The choice is yours. You may also wish to include symbolism such as Handfasting or the lighting of a Unity Candle.

We only want a quick wedding?

We will do the wedding ceremony that you want. A short ceremony that is simple and elegant is just as meaningful as a longer and expensive elaborate wedding ceremony.

It’s a second wedding. Is that OK?

Finding a soul mate and life companion after previously being married is great and we find these weddings often have more meaning for the couple. So long as you can show your original divorce papers with the official stamp on it, or if widowed your partner’s death certificate, then we encourage you to enter your new marriage with pride.

Can we get married in Australia?

Yes you can. If you meet the necessary requirements of identification and are not already married you can get married wherever you would like.

Can we elope?

Yes you can. The Blue Mountains is an ideal place to escape to, to marry in secret or with just a couple of close friends as witnesses you exchange your vows. If you are eloping then we generally charge the same fee as the Registry Office or Court House.

Are you a JP?

In Australia a Justice of the Peace cannot marry people although many Authorised Civil Marriage Celebrants are also JPs. Sue Hardy was registered as a Marriage Celebrant by the Federal Government in 1994.