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Baby Namings

Naming & Christening Ceremonies

We have christened and named babies, children and adults in homes, parks and gardens locally in the Blue Mountains, in Sydney, the Central West and interstate.

namingA family ceremony is a perfect way to welcome your little one into the family and formally announce the name you have chosen for them to carry.

Special people, chosen to help with the care and guidance of the child are appointed. They may be god-parents, mentors or guardians as you choose. The family unit is also of great importance and so special family members are identified such as grandparents as to the unique role they play in the baby’s life.

In Australia many people have had a Christian up-bringing and want the same for their child but either don’t have a connection with a church or prefer to allow their child to choose their own denomination when they are older.

A Non-denominational Christening provides families with the perfect solution.  Your  baby or child is baptised with pure water to signify the cleansing of the soul and forgiveness of sin not yet committed.

In such ceremonies a candle is often lit to signify the warmth of God and the Christian faith and the bond between the family and the extended family gained through faith. God parents are appointed and undertake to give the child direction in following the teachings of the Bible.

These ceremonies find the perfect balance allowing your child to later identify a religious preference and be baptised into the faith of their own choosing.


Do I have to have religion?
No, the Naming ceremony is free of religion and has a focus on the family and the child.

How long does the ceremony take?
As a general rule the ceremony lasts for about 20 minutes, much longer and the children become a bit wiggly.

As a single parent can I still have a Naming ceremony?
Most definitely! The Naming and Christening ceremonies are very flexible and accommodate all family situations.

How much does it cost?
If the ceremony is held in our local Blue Mountains area the cost is $325 which includes a personalised keepsake certificate and certificates for your little one’s Godparents. Fees may be charged for travel outside the local area.

Do we get a certificate?
Yes. A certificate for the baby is included and we also give the Godparents a small certificate acknowledging the special role they have in baby’s life. Additional certificates are available at $5.50 each for grandparents, aunties, uncles and other special people.